Why Family Therapy May Be the Solution You Need

It’s normal for the individuals who make up a family to have different opinions, wants, needs and communication styles. However, when even two people in your family can’t seem to get along, everyone is affected. If you’ve been trying to help your family get along but it’s not working, you should consider seeking the help of a Littleton family therapist.

Family Therapy is a Process

Although you’ll be seen as a family, it’s also beneficial for your Littleton family therapist to see family members alone and in groups. Depending on the family dynamic and the issues that you’re looking to address, I may want to see mom and dad in a session and the kids in another. Or, I may feel it’s best to see one parent and the children instead. During these more limited sessions, it’s not about pointing fingers or devising a plan to attack the missing family member(s), it’s an attempt to help open up more lines of communication.

Ultimately, I Want You to Learn How to Solve Issues on Your Own

Whether you see me for family therapy in Denver or another provider, the goal is to teach each person in the family how to communicate better. That includes hearing what the other family members are saying. The end result is that everyone can learn how to solve problems between one another without the help of a Littleton family therapist. An added benefit is that it also helps each member of your family communicate and solve problems outside of the family as well.

I Can Help Your Family

If you’re looking for a Littleton family therapist, call me, Athena McCullough, at McCollough Family Therapy, for your initial consultation. Talk to me about your family dynamics and what you’re looking to achieve or solve through family therapy and we can help start you on the road to better communication and problem solving. I can be reached at (303) 551-9214.

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