What Are Common Challenges Woman Face In The Workplace?

It’s hard to believe that at one point, there weren’t many woman who were working. Between 1930 and 1970, the number of women working outside their home for income dramatically increased. When technological advances kept coming, more clerical workers were needed to keep up with the demand. Most of these clerical jobs saw women in the role.

It’s now 2022 and women being in the workforce is nothing new. In fact, now, it is more surprising to hear of a woman not holding a job instead of just staying at home. This all sounds fantastic on paper and idyllic. What more could you want?

Unfortunately, for many woman, it isn’t as ideal as it seems. Working outside of the home comes with many challenges. Here are some common challenges that woman face.

The Fight For Equal Pay

Woman are still fighting to be paid the same amount as men. This is one of the most challenging and frustrating situations to find yourself in. You are more than capable of doing your job and you prove it everyday. Yet, historically, for the same positions, men are paid more.

Boasting the same titles, responsibilities, being highly educated, and past experience should mean something. It should mean that a woman is equally paid, but it isn’t. And we are still wondering why.

Gender Bias

For decades, woman have proven that they can do anything a man can do. Even in labor markets where it’s typically men, such as welding or working as mechanics. And yet, we still live in a society that places woman in a mold. A mold that implies that because of gender, a person might not be capable of performing a job.

Stereotypes and bias in the workplace still exist. A lot of women report that they feel as if they aren’t taken seriously by their male co-workers. That they don’t trust in a proven skill set.

Balance Between Work And Life

We couldn’t be more grateful that we have the right to work if we want to. Or to stay at home if we need to. We have options now that can fit the lifestyle we want.

But typically, you don’t get both. A major challenge woman face is flexibility in their work arrangements. Woman are typically the primary caregivers for their children. But when you are working, employers aren’t as understanding that their is a life outside of your job.

When you are raising a family, you want your children to come first. But it ends being out of balance when work takes a priority over that.

Woman fought for the right to work. Not for the right to have to choose between family and work. And this can be challenging to contend with. Some employers are understanding when you have to leave early because your kid needs to come home from school sick. Or when your babysitter cancels last minute. Not all are like this. There needs to be more flexibility with scheduling. And understanding.

How To Deal With Workplace Challenges

Many woman feel as if they might be overthinking any of the above challenges. Or that they are alone in their struggles. What can be done to overcome this?

First, it’s helpful to just know that you aren’t crazy or overthinking things. Talk with your female co-workers or friends about the struggles they face in the workplace. Chances are, they are feeling the same things.

Second, when you are facing challenges in the workplace, it can really take a hit on your mental health. Life is already stressful enough and when you add in workplace issues, it can feel like an uphill battle.

Because of these challenges and more, many woman are facing mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. As licensed therapists and woman, we know what you are going through. Let’s connect soon so we can talk about how therapy for women can help you overcome these challenges and so much more.