Struggling with Parenting Stress? 5 Tips to Cope

When it comes to parenting, stress is just part of the package deal. As a parent, you can’t help but worry about your child’s well-being. Your anxiety about your child and the 24/7 commitments of parenting can make your stress levels skyrocket. Furthermore, the relentless demands of parenthood can wear you down, leaving you frazzled and exhausted.

There’s no way to avoid a certain amount of stress when you’re a parent. Caring for another person will never be easy, but it doesn’t have to mean experiencing unending, chronic stress. By leaning on your support system and shifting your perspective, you can take better care of yourself and let go of some of your worries. Here are a few healthy ways to cope with parenting stress.

Ask for Backup

Maybe you feel bad about asking your friends or relatives for help with childcare or errands. You might feel like you should be able to handle everything on your own. Alternatively, you might be hesitant to spend a little extra on things like cleaning, grocery delivery, laundry, or landscaping, even if getting a hand with these tasks would save you lots of time. But raising a child without a village is too much for any parent to take on.

Having a support system for backup can make a huge difference. The next time a loved one offers you help, accept their offer! Furthermore, go over your budget and see if you can find any wiggle room to pay for hired help in any form.

Ignore Unsolicited Advice

When you’re dealing with a parenting problem, it can feel like advice is coming at you from all directions. You want to figure out what’s best for your family, but sometimes, it can seem like you’re drowning in all of the noise. Even when someone means well, their advice might not work for you. Try to tune out unsolicited advice, and avoid scrolling through parenting content on social media that is irrelevant to you. This will help you focus on good advice from trusted sources.

Meet Your Own Needs

You know that putting your children’s needs first is necessary. But if your own needs are always on the back-burner compared to your children’s wants, burnout is inevitable. Eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and moving your body in a way that makes you feel good can help you feel your best. While this might seem impossible during the newborn stage, it will get easier as your child grows up.

Relax During Your Downtime

If you have young children, your downtime might be very limited right now. Some days, it can feel like you don’t get a single moment to yourself. But when you do have free time, be conscious of how you spend it. Scrolling through social media or engaging in other low-impact yet stressful activities can worsen your anxiety. Try reading a book, writing in a journal, or even watching a wholesome TV show that you enjoy instead.

Remember You’re Not Alone

You might feel like you’re constantly screwing up as a parent. But truthfully, you’re probably doing just fine. The reality is that every parent worries about whether or not they’re messing up—yet if you’re worrying, it’s a good sign that you care deeply about your children and you’re going out of your way to help them succeed. If you open up to a close friend about your anxieties, you’ll inevitably find that you’re not alone.

Are you struggling to cope with parenting stress? Working with a therapist can help. Reach out to us today to discuss your options for scheduling your first session for parenting therapy.