Podcast Feature: Does Conflict Make You Run or Rage?

*The content below has been copied from Lucid Living with Bre. Athena McCullough at McCullough Family Therapy joined Bre to talk about XXX.

Show Notes:

Is a relationship without any conflict healthy 🤔? How do you have conflict without fighting? And how do you get past your fear of using your damn voice in the first place?!

Athena McCullough LMFT walks us through her own evolution of being shut off from her emotions and conflict avoidant like “an appliance that just plugged in and ran,” to a woman with a voice, opinions, and a distress tolerance wide enough to share them all with her partner. We talk about how to bring up conflict (step by step) in relationships, and especially what to do to stay grounded and sane during a high conflict divorce.

Listen for:

✨ Why rupture without repair is so damaging in relationships

✨ The trap of spending time in the perfectionistic analytical brain during your healing journey

✨ How to have healthy conflict with your partner (step by step) instead of running away, shutting down, or raging

✨ Signs that someone isn’t ready for an intimate relationship

✨ Skills to help you keep your cool if you’re in a high conflict divorce

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