How Women Are Redefining Their Career Ambitions

Many women in the workforce today know that older generations of women had very different experiences when it came to professional ambitions. Their grandmothers and mothers may never have had jobs outside the home. Even those who were raised by working mothers might have realized that their mothers did not have as many career options as their fathers.

Today, women are making strides in practically every industry. This isn’t to say that sexism isn’t alive in the workplace, but women are breaking down barriers in all kinds of fields. Here’s how women are redefining their career ambitions and taking advantage of opportunities that previous generations didn’t necessarily have.

Breaking Into STEM

While some people still view science, technology, engineering, and math as pursuits for men, women have rapidly made progress in STEM fields over the past few decades. It’s clear that no specific gender is better suited for working in STEM than the other. Many women in STEM also choose to mentor and uplift younger women in their fields to give the next generation the support they need in these demanding career paths.

Advancing in Creative Fields

Progress isn’t only happening in STEM fields. Women are succeeding in the arts, too. Now, there is a strong push to highlight more female directors, authors, artists, musicians, and professionals in other creative fields. Making a name for yourself in the arts can be challenging for both men and women. Yet countless women are making their marks in these competitive fields. Women also have more freedom to share authentic stories about their experiences and speak out against injustice.


Lots of women choose to start their own businesses rather than work for someone else. Working for yourself can grant you more autonomy and freedom in your professional life. Furthermore, female entrepreneurs can work on projects that they’re truly passionate about.

Women who are leaving discriminatory workplaces now have more options. They do not necessarily have to seek out another 9-to-5 job. Instead, they might choose to launch a business, which will allow them to choose their clients, and avoid working with people or companies who give off red flags.

Asking for More

Women are often more hesitant to negotiate for higher salaries than men. But this is slowly changing. Now, lots of women are getting more comfortable with asking for what they’re worth. Furthermore, more and more workers are open about their salaries today than in the past, when it was considered rude to talk about your salary. Salary transparency benefits women in particular because women are more likely to be underpaid compared to their male coworkers. But when teams tell each other exactly how much they’re making, and everyone is able to compare, women can ensure that they are making as much as the men at their company who handle similar responsibilities.

Finding Balance at Home

It’s not always easy to juggle a career and parenthood. Today, women who are planning to have children may prioritize applying for positions at companies that offer generous maternity leave policies. More companies are also offering paternal leave, which allows mothers and fathers to stagger their leave periods so that they can both take time off to spend with their children. By looking for companies that offer comprehensive family leave policies, women can find a better sense of balance at home, rather than being forced to leave their careers after giving birth.

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