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Child Therapy

Child Therapy is an effective approach to managing excessively challenging behavior in young children.




Parenting is hard work!

It’s arguably the toughest job out there – and raising a child who struggles with behavioral challenges can make it more difficult. Every day can feel like you’re pushed to your limits.

We are here to support you. We walk alongside you, show you exactly what to do to help your child and create a more peaceful way to live.

We provide child therapy through a process that involves working with the parents and the child to find a less stressful way to live.

We all want to raise kind, respectful kids; somedays this can feel impossible.

This where Parent Child Interaction Therapy comes in. We know it’s a mouthful – but this is as a gentle and effective way to help guide your kids (aged 2-6) to better behavior, fewer explosions, and more love in your family. It’s different than other therapies in that you are directly involved every step of the way.

During our sessions, you’ll play and interact with your child while we give you guidance and strategies from the sidelines. Working together in this way helps you manage challenging behaviors, rather than reacting to them and giving you the tools and skills you need to live with more ease.


Therapy for children (ages 2-6)

Is your child struggling with:


Are you struggling with:

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What can child therapy help?

Sometimes, behavioral challenges in children are the result of the attachment between the parent and child being disrupted. This can be the result of a major life transition, a change in routine, or undiagnosed learning difficulties or emotional disorders in your child. Addressing these underlying issues through PCIT can significantly improve communication and understanding, helping you feel more connected to your child.

When your child is acting defiant or uncooperative, it can be exhausting and frustrating. By observing your communication style and your child’s behavior, we can teach you simple and clear ways to talk to your child so that they can understand, allowing for a more respectful and harmonious relationship between you.

Addressing disruptive behavior in children, especially tantrums, defiance, and aggression, can be incredibly challenging for parents. Our PCIT sessions are dedicated to equip you with effective tools and strategies for correcting behaviors in real-time, turning conflict into opportunities for connection.

The rollercoaster of dealing with behavioral challenges can be an exhausting and isolating experience.
PCIT helps you build your confidence in being able to effectively correct and guide your child’s behavior
by providing you with practical tools and strategies to communicate more effectively, manage difficult
situations calmly, and strengthen your emotional connection with your child. Building the confidence to
handle daily challenges not only improves the atmosphere at home but also brings back a semblance of
the life you once knew, filled with more peace and less stress.

Managing emotional challenges and regaining control of your life often feels like a distant dream when parenting a child with behavioral issues. PCIT steps in to bridge this gap. It equips you with not just strategies for handling your child’s behavior, but also tools for managing your emotional responses. By learning how to stay calm and collected in the face of chaos, you regain a sense of balance and control.

Your hard work and love, even on the really tough days, show just how amazing you are at this parenting thing.

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This is your space to be you.

When you feel safe, supported, and heard – you’re going to feel comfortable sharing the experiences, history, and situations that brought you to our door.

Connection with your therapist leads to an openness that allows us to get clear on why your relationships follow a pattern of behavior that doesn’t give you what you need.

In creating a safe space for you to explore your thoughts without fear of judgment, we can open the door to real change.

We provide therapy that is:


Our commitment is to guide you ​toward the transformation you ​desire. To ensure you receive the ​best possible care, our clinicians ​work together, combining unique ​insights and expertise.


Wherever you are on your journey, you can feel confident that you are in a safe, judgment-free space. Our team is here to help you heal, grow, and get the support you need.


Our experienced clinicians tailor their approach to you, considering your needs, goals, and personality, using the modalities that best fit your situation.


How Child Therapy works

When children are young, therapy is most effective when we work with both the parents and children. We use a specific therapeutic process that provides real-time coaching, practical skills and behavior management so you can start enjoying family time.

Consultation and Assessment

We meet with you and your child to observe and learn about your history, challenges, and the improvements you would like to see.

The Relationship Phase

We let your child lead the initial interactions to observe their behavior. The next step is for you to lead the interactions to practice the strategies we go over, and finally, we help you lead together.

The Skills Phase

We start practicing the skills at the clinic, gradually extending them to your home, so you can live with more ease and peace.

Questions About Child Therapy & PCIT


Absolutely! PCIT works great with two caregivers in each 50-minute session. It’s a fantastic way for both of you to learn and support each other in using the new skills. If other caregivers in your family want to join in, we’re more than happy to arrange additional sessions. After all, lasting and meaningful change is more likely to happen when everybody is on the same page!

Yes, you can still make a big difference by attending PCIT alone. Your child may have some challenges with both caregivers not using the PCIT skills, but the positive changes you’ll bring can still have a great impact. You’ll be amazed at how your consistent efforts can improve things for your child.

When you use the techniques from PCIT at home, it’s not just your home life that gets better – these changes often spill over into the classroom. The skills your child picks up during your sessions together – like listening better, handling their emotions, and following directions – can help them a lot at school. They’ll find it easier to pay attention in class, get along with their classmates, and even handle the ups and downs of the school day more smoothly.

For individual sessions, we start out by reviewing any questions that you might have. We’ll let you and your child settle into playing together, and then we’ll jump in and coach you on what to say and how to interact. Even if your child isn’t misbehaving, we can work on what to do to shift all of those behaviors while they’re being good. Next, we track changes to make sure that we ensure success with all of that. You will complete a behavior assessment each session that we will use to track progress and make sure that everything is changing that you want to see changed.

PCIT is backed by extensive research and has a fantastic track record since it began in the 1970s. It’s known for really helping to dramatically change tough behaviors into better ones. Most parents start to see results within three weeks, like having fewer tantrums and listening more. Plus, parents usually feel more sure of themselves and closer to their kids after doing PCIT. By actively participating and practicing these skills, families can expect to see meaningful and lasting changes in both their child’s behavior and their overall family dynamics.


Child Therapy & PCIT in Colorado

How your life can look after Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Because every family and child is different, outcomes can vary. However, with dedication to the program, you will likely notice:

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